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  • Columbus Alive features Matt Holley Design

    Through the process of creating 63 shirts this past year, I attracted some attention from a Columbus paper, the Columbus Alive. Jesse Tigges called me up and ask me to come in for an interview and photo shoot. I was honored to receive the call and was grateful for the opportunity to share my story with a broader audience.  I parked my car and entered the Columbus Dispatch building with a box of my shirts and a torso I snagged years ago when I worked as a visual merchandiser. Jesse met me at the door and took me downstairs to...

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  • 2013 Design Challenge

    Many of us see the new year as a time to try something new, get rid of something old, or reinvent who we think we should be. I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but for 2013, I did decide to give myself some new goals to reach. One of these goals was to design a T-shirt every week of 2013.  While I limited myself to T-shirts, the designs will be open to any subject matter. I posted new shirts as they were designed. Shirts were instantly uploaded to this store, and are available for purchase. I hope you enjoy...

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