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  • Local Love

    New Year's resolutions are like golf balls. Sometimes you hit them and reach your desired destination, other times you can't find your ball. So this year I decided to give myself another T-shirt challenge, only this time I want to include at least one shirt per month about something local. So far, so good. Check out my latest shirts in this store under the category OHIO. Hope you enjoy what I come up with for this new challenge. If you have any good local ideas, feel free to email me or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. (@mattholley) (

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  • Columbus Alive features Matt Holley Design

    Through the process of creating 63 shirts this past year, I attracted some attention from a Columbus paper, the Columbus Alive. Jesse Tigges called me up and ask me to come in for an interview and photo shoot. I was honored to receive the call and was grateful for the opportunity to share my story with a broader audience.  I parked my car and entered the Columbus Dispatch building with a box of my shirts and a torso I snagged years ago when I worked as a visual merchandiser. Jesse met me at the door and took me downstairs to...

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